My Fellow Law Enforcement Leaders,
I am honored to serve as the President of the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA.)  Throughout the history of policing, law enforcement leaders have faced relentless challenges in our service delivery to the public.  Today is no different.  Issues like data collection, privacy, police legitimacy, and body-worn cameras are changing the landscape of our profession, while use-of-force issues and our relationship with all segments of our diverse communities continue to demand our constant attention.    
The MCCA, under the leadership of its past Presidents, has been a place where its members learn.  We learn from the experiences of our membership, and each jurisdiction represented has benefitted from the collective wisdom around the table.  As a member of the MCCA since 2001, I have seen the organization’s relationship with our Federal partners grow and develop a synergy to the benefit of each of our cities.  The MCCA is now routinely “invited to the table” on Capitol Hill and the White House to participate in the many challenging conversations concerning fair and just law enforcement.  Using these opportunities to influence best practices and policies in policing will be one of my highest priorities as your President.
I am privileged to serve with our newly elected 1st Vice President Garry McCarthy.  Garry and I believe that our organization can grow as we continue to expand our membership internationally.  The MCCA will continue to thrive under the steady hand of our Executive Director, Darrel Stephens.  Our immediate Past President, Chuck Ramsey, deserves a huge debt of gratitude for his service as the President from 2011-2014.  Former Vice-Presidents Chris Burbank and Bill Blair deserve our thanks and appreciation as well.
The success of the MCCA is rooted in the participation of its membership.  Our Board members, Committee Chairs, and Committee members are influencing policy and practices at the highest levels.  I encourage each of you to be actively involved in our organization.  I look forward to serving the Association and its membership.   
Chief J. Thomas Manger
President, Major Cities Chiefs Association