Esteemed Colleagues,

It is an honor to serve you and our organization as the new President of the Major Cities Chiefs Association. I have had the privilege of serving in law enforcement for more than forty years in three great Departments: Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. For more than twelve years, I have had both the honor and pleasure of being a member of a very distinguished group of law enforcement professionals, the Major Cities Chiefs. Since its inception, MCC has been a place where both new and veteran police chiefs come to learn and share ideas. The profession of law enforcement in the United States and Canada has benefited greatly from the collective wisdom of the various police chiefs that have had the opportunity to sit at the table.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of those chiefs who have served as President of MCC while I have been a member. Sheriff Jerry Keller, Chiefs Ruben Ortega, Darrel Stephens, Harold Hurtt, Gil Kerlikowske, Bill Bratton and our immediate past president Rob Davis. Each of these men played a tremendous role in moving MCC forward. I have personally learned from each of them and as your President will continue their legacy of service to each of you and this organization. I am also grateful for the support of newly elected First Vice-President Chris Burbank and Second Vice-President Tony Batts. I am blessed to have these experienced professionals at my side.

As a profession, during the past decade, we have enjoyed tremendous success as crime rates across our countries have dropped to historic lows. We have made great strides in educating our workforce and building true partnerships with our communities. With success often comes greater challenges. We have the responsibility for leading police organizations during extraordinary times. In the past few years, many of us have seen our resources shrink due to the current economic crisis. We have been reminded that the threat of terrorism remains very real, and although nearly a decade has passed since 9/11, radio inter-operability for first responders remains an issue.

I believe we have a collective responsibility for proactively attacking these and the other critical issues of our time. As an organization we must expand our influence so that our voices will be heard by the political leadership of our respective countries. We must continue to share strategies and ideas while developing the next generation of police leaders. We must develop a strategic plan and vision for the future of our organization. Together we can accomplish a great deal over the next two years.

I look forward to working alongside each of you. Thank you all for giving me this great opportunity to serve you.

Charles H. Ramsey
Police Commissioner
City of Philadelphia
President, Major Cities Chiefs Association