Major Cities Chiefs Conferences
The Major Cities Chiefs Association meets three times a year. Chiefs may bring staff members to attend them. Law enforcement staff members are allowed in all meeting segments with the exception of Executive Sessions. Official representatives of governmental agencies are normally invited to attend all sessions with the exception of the Executive Sessions. The President routinely invites sponsors and other non-sworn guests to attend the meetings. The President has the authority to determine meeting attendance policies at all times. New member Chiefs who wish to register for a conference meeting or conference hotel may do so by following the Conference/Event Registration Link. If a new member Chief does not already have a Member Log-in for the privatized size of the website, please contact the Executive Director of the Association.

Winter Meeting
The Winter Meeting is held for two days each January or February in the city of one of the MCCA members on even years; in Washington D.C. in odd years. The Washington, DC meeting is held in conjunction with the Major County Sheriff's Association and the focus in on policy and legislative issues. The host department Chief works with the Conference Director to determine the dates and hotel location for the meetings.

Summer Meeting
The Summer Meeting has historically been held in Sun Valley, ID with the National Executive Institute Associates. Beginning in 2012, MCCA will hold its own two day meeting in one of the member cities. The focus of the meeting is on training, current events and subcommittee work.

Fall Meeting
Each fall, normally in the month of October, MCC meets for two days immediately prior to the annual conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Most, if not all members of MCCA are also members of the IACP, and attend the annual conference.